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Break Bulk Shipping

We have rich experience in shipping break bulk cargos such as machinery, speical vehicles, steel, ore, chemicals,light industry materials, steel structure, oil pipes etc

We know well about procedures of chartering and terminal handling. We can provide optimal shipping solutions that mostly match your needs

Our charter department mainly offer bulk service to South America, Mid-east, Africa, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia

Our Advantages Of ProjectShipping Show In:

Good operation & communication sill at terminals

State-of-art design of loading/unloading process & solutions

Site survey & planning of optimal shipping route

Contingency & emergency dealing strategies & prevention

Strict third party inspection & supervision

Consultation on shipping & packaging

Supervision on operation site, support with safety & techniques

Typical Successful Sases

Moving a factory from Xuzhou, China to Brasil

Moving a power plant from Zhongshan, China to Sri Lanka

Large size luxury yacht shipping

International government aid project shipping

Shipping of special-use vehicles

Moving heavy industry machinery lines from Argentina to China

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