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Shanghai leagueshipping co.,Ltd. is a national first-class freight forwarder approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. As a freight forwarder and NVOCC, Shanghai leagueshipping co.,Ltd. acts as a freight forwarder and NVOCC to act as an agent for shipping lines of large and small shipping companies. It also provides services such as booking and stowage at China's coastal and foreign major ports, as well as ocean transportation of full container, LCL, bulk cargo and large cargo.

Our company has maintained good cooperative relationship with many shipping companies for many years, and has strong freight rate advantage in major routes around the world. The company has many professional personnel who are familiar with the freight forwarding business and have high professional dedication. They can handle all kinds of import and export cargo transportation business properly for customers, and can accept customers' information consultation on routes, shipping dates and freight and miscellaneous charges at any time. At the same time, we are good at finding ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency for customers from all aspects.


Our company has general and customs supervision of professional transport fleet, can complete all kinds of full container and LCL cargo domestic distribution and transportation on time and safely. With the help of the global distribution of perfect agent network and good cooperation with major shipping companies, we can provide full container, bulk cargo, LCL marine import and export transportation, and through customs clearance, inland transportation and warehousing services to achieve global door-to-door transportation. Years of experience in operating import and export LCL, through our professional special operation, so that the majority of customers to their import and export full container by the consignor or self LCL requirements are met, so that customers save a lot of costs.

Since the beginning of the company's establishment, we have started the LCL service of major ports in China, so far, we have become an influential LCL transportation company.Our LCL destinations cover all countries in the world and are efficient.The major ports provide complete unpacking,DDP, DDU and sorting to door services for import customers.

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