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Mastering of updated customs rules and channels, guarantees customers' intrest and efficiency of customs clearance

League shipping is evaluated as "Creditable Customs Brokers"for many years

It is mainly responsible for the declaration and inspection of marine import and export, inspection, quarantine and disinfection of wood packaging, pre declaration of food and alcohol, label verification, sampling and testing, legal inspection of mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, dangerous goods, personal goods, exhibition samples, temporary import and export goods, returned goods for maintenance, entry and return, three waste goods, etc. For all kinds of goods (including containers, bulk groceries, general goods, RO ro ships, etc.) that need customs declaration and commodity inspection, we can quickly handle the commodity inspection documents on the same day, so as to make the goods quickly, safely and smoothly cleared for export. We can also provide customers with payment package cabinet, trade agency services.


Our advantages:

import and export declaration, import and export inspection, dangerous goods declaration, waste goods declaration and transfer business agent, L / C fumigation certificate, certificate of origin, Pratt & Whitney certificate of dangerous goods private goods, payment package cabinet trade agency service, agent for Chinese herbal medicine inspection in different places, bulk goods and general goods roll on board, etc., quickly handle commodity inspection documents and issue test reports.

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