The port delay plague is popular
 Jun 10, 2021|View:694

E-commerce is booming, from Asia imports into the United States, equipment and chassis are also scarce even in the best case, and the warehouse is crowded. Even FMC also announced the investigation of the cause of port congestion, trying to determine if the problem is derived from the inefficiency of operators and port staff. In the case where you can't see alleviation, the carrier is charged to manage the cost of repositioning containers, and the reliability score of crossing the Pacific trade route has dropped to the lowest level since 2011.

US import surge led to the port delay

For a few months, the logistics industry has been struggling with this congestion. From the Chinese Lunar New Year's new year, the epidemic stop and the extension of import in the US coast will begin. It has a perfect interrupt and delay storm in the LA / LB port. These storms are now spread to the farther west coast port, such as Tacoma, Seattle, and Auckland because they try to manage goods overflow because the freight forwarders tried to find solve Solution to the cargo to the West Coast.

COVID-19 surges have cause more obstacles in the port

As the US coronavirus case has surged, due to social alienation and disease erosion operational productivity and speed, people's equipped issues began to troublemakers and warehouses. Considering 2019 to the end of this year and 2021 in the first quarter, as manufacturers have added raw materials in the early winter, just like retailers do when they are Christmas, the port throughput is expected to grow more than 40% from 2019. . Even the railway space is also valuable because 2020 is the first time in the eastern railway truck is higher than the truck in the same container.