Integrator network for vaccine distribution
 May 30, 2021|View:704

Vaccines are using two major channels. In order to move between the production site and the centralized storage of large frozen farms, the charter of the airlines such as the United Airlines is transporting vaccines between Brussels and Chicago. Since Pfizer vaccine requires extremely low temperatures, Pfizer has developed custom packaging, and each box requires a lot of dry ice. Although it is not a problem on the ground, dry ice will generate carbon dioxide during warming, and it may pose a threat to air. The US Federal Aviation is awarded USA, US Airlines and Delta Airlines and other passenger airlines carrying more dry ice, because there are no other passengers or animals on the so-called "pfreighters".

From the distribution center to the last one, the vaccine distribution is mainly processed by FedEx and UPS, using their express networks and aircraft, trucks and driver fleets to hospital, clinic and other key delivery points for injection. UPS is running a refrigerator and makes your own dry ice, preparing for future tasks.

At present, domestic air transport is working with postal services, e-commerce small parcels from integrators, is easy to rot and other pharmaceutical goods still need to move.