What is the market demand for aviation?
 May 14, 2021|View:332

Market demand for air cargo owners often involve how the owner chooses air freight companies within a wide range of market. According to the survey of the Aviation Cargo Group of the US Freight Association, some goods need to stabilize and reliable service and reasonably appropriate freight rates. There are also many shipping owners believe that stable and reliable quality of service is far better than the freight rate. In many cases, many goods can be paid to high air freight in order to exchange the quality of air freight in a higher level. Of course, there are also many goods owners who have a jrants in the freight rate, and I hope that the air carrier will give as a discount of as far as possible. So, what are the current market demands of the air cargo owners?

Get rid of the middleman

Most air cargo owners believe that airliner companies provide passenger service to be the main business considerations; the cabin under the main deck is used to provide freight services, which is the second business consideration. Therefore, the goods are concluded that most airliners have almost no attention to aviation freight management.

Many avaids pointed out that most of the business regular flights have not been directly dealing with the owner directly, and the airliner companies identifying the contract with the owner are less, they prefer to contact the aviation freight. The reason, one is that it is considered to be more appropriate through the freight forward; the second is that many of the airlines don't know which of the goods, like relying on the goods; three is that airlines rarely get out of the airport, and cannot provide additional services for the owner.

Because of this, many air cargo companies with modern passenger planes and trucks are difficult to provide the door to the door, the field is present, the ground, the library is stored. Some air cargo companies even lack indoor or outdoor cargo yards used to lotions or unpacking, and have a serious lack of human hand in the operation of air cargo documents and information technology management. These airlines generally believe that attachment services are the business scope of freight forwarding, as long as they do a good plane, the ground freight service does not seem to be its own business.

However, with the acceleration of global economic integration development, more and more air cargo owners, especially fresh products, perishable products, prostitutes in the market, hopes to get rid of the goods and other middlemen, directly with air freight The company discloses freight business, striving for air freight services that are more quality and more affordable. If necessary, air freight forward can only be used as the owner's assistant or staff.

At present, many of the goods will see the air freight into the service provider with which to sign the transport contract. It is satisfied that the freight forwarding should provide high quality services for the owner, because the goods pay all transportation costs to the freight forward, rather than directly to the airline shipping fee. However, aviation freight forwarding is often agency for air freight companies, and its service balance is tilted to the owner, or it is worth noting to the airline. In particular, many air freight companies are often arbitrarily selected in the goods to be transported, and many goods have caused serious goods damage to the goods because they do not have timely transportation, and these economic losses often fall to the main head. At this time, the so-called customer-supreme commitment of the aviation freight forwarding of the two boats is very suspicious.

Now, most of the goods will hope to further release the air freight market. Air cargo companies should expand the market channels of direct service owners, strengthen the management of the air freight supply chain, and further improve the quality standards of air freight services, continue to significantly reduce inventory levels, Expand the on-time service range of air freight to make the owner to get greater economic benefits.

With more and more large passenger aircraft replaces the original small passenger aircraft, the speed of the flight is urgently hoped to provide more cargo storage services. The more flights, the larger the body, and its cargo shipping service will grow up. That is to say, the current passenger cabin should improve the air freight productivity as much as possible under the premise of safety, in order to meet the air freight requirements of the owner.

In addition, many air cargo owners pay special attention to the transportation operation procedures for their goods: Is it in large air hub, or turn around several routes, frequently rearing on the airports in other regions. Because it was eager to catch up with the market peak season, its goods were unable to arrive in the destination within normal time, and their goods payment cycle were unacceptable. Therefore, the owner hopes to reduce the shipments of freight forwarding in the air freight channels as much as possible, and directly deal with the air freight company.

But the fact is not satisfactory, as mentioned earlier, many airlines lack the ground freight service mechanism outside the airport, and the ground distribution service center is almost all freight forwarding management. The owner has to continue to deal with the air freight forward, signed for half a year or one year contract, entrusting the aircraft cargo business.