The development direction of future airports will become a public aviation platform
 May 10, 2021|View:323

At this stage of civil aviation development, the third-party market in aviation business is not yet mature. It is lacking specialized companies specializing in aviation business. Airport management agencies must also bear the "throughput service" function, by the passenger transport department, security station, freight Ministry, the Department of Local, the company, the security company, freight company, and machinery engineering company and other corporateization departments are responsible for a "throughput service" product. In the field of non-aeroying business, more mature specialized companies have entered the civil aviation market, and have accumulated certain experiences and have certain core competence. In the long run, when the aviation business third-party market is mature, the airport management agency will exit the direct business sector, and the airport will become a public aviation platform.

As Alibaba does not open the Taobao shop, the future airport will no longer engage in the specific operation of any aviation business or non-aero-service, but transforming into a public aviation platform. On this aviation platform, travelers and airlines, ground service companies, etc. Perform aviation cargo contracts, cargo owners and air cargo companies, freight forwarders, etc., airlines and ground service companies, aviation maintenance companies to perform the ground agency agreement, Machinery maintenance agreement, traveler and retail company fulfill the sales contract, advertisers and advertising companies to perform advertising agency contracts ... The main functions of airport management agencies are the formulars and referers of platform management rules.

On this public aviation platform, customers who serve customers, cargo owners and airlines are various kinds of specialized companies for aviation business and non-aerospace services. These specialization companies have formed a comparative advantage with the core competitiveness in a certain field, providing services for specific customers. The public aviation platform is not a bob, but the garden of all flowers, the diverse needs of various customers can be fully satisfied. Such a diversity, high-quality service goals are realized by airport management agencies through a number of specialized companies with unique core competitiveness.

Exiting the direct business field does not mean that airport management agencies will no longer have enterprise properties, but through strategic transformation to platform companies. Platform business model, and current airport are version 2.0 of management airport compared to the operating transition period of management. In addition to routine benefits such as equity benefits, rental income, transfer management rights, etc., more than innovative business models have obtained value-added benefits. For example, the airport management agency passes the information platform, master the passengers' big data, carry out the traveler classification characteristics, consumption motive analysis, passenger purchase behavior analysis, passenger loyalty analysis, through analysis, consumption, consumption habits, thus professional The company carries more targeted marketing work to benefit from it. For example, in the development of the Terminal, the Terminal, the passenger guide terminal, in addition to the basic functions provided by the passengers, it is recommended to recommend the store on the process, showing how far this shop is, How far is the boarding port, how long it takes to reach the boarding machine. This can not only improve the quality of "throughput services", but also benefit from the store recommendation.

Airport management institutions transfer aviation business and non-aeroquer to specialized company, on the one hand, improved airport specialized management level; on the other hand, it also expands larger space for airport development. Airport as public infrastructure, with the next responsibility and mission is to adjust the economic structure to the region, optimize transformation upgrade services. By doing big aviation platform, continuously extend the aviation industry chain, causing more people flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow, and even connect a city with the world through the aviation platform, and plug in regional economic and social development. Take off wings.

The future development direction of the airport is to build a public aviation platform, and airport management agencies should be committed to becoming the rules and referers of platform management. On this platform, the airport management agency after strategic transformation will be developed with many professional companies with unique core competitiveness and win-win.