What is the difference between aircraft cargo and freighter?
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What is the difference between air cargo and freighter(Shanghai leagueshipping-air cargo agent, air cargo forwarder)

  i:Passenger aircraft can go small cargo, cargo aircraft can pick up large cargo

  ii:Passenger planes have small cabins and can be considered for small bulk cargoes, while consignments of larger cargoes are recommended to go to cargo ships.

  iii:The design of the hatches is very different:

  There are many boarding doors and escape doors.

  Freighters have fewer doors in the front, rear and lower cargo holds, replaced by larger cargo doors. The cargo doors are over 2 metres high and 3 metres wide.

  IV.The passenger and cargo transportation method is to transport the checked luggage from the terminal building to the apron by luggage trolley, and then transported to the aircraft by the luggage transfer vehicle

  The baggage trailer will transport the checked baggage to the apron working area

  Baggage is transported by ground staff on a conveyor belt to the cargo hold and secured

  The entire cabin of a freighter is used to store cargo, so it is different from a passenger aircraft in terms of loading

  Cargo loading on freighters is mainly carried out by flatbed trucks. Once the cargo has been brought to hatch height, rollers on the platform feed the cargo into the cabin.

  v.Passenger aircraft have a small cargo carrying capacity, mainly baggage, while cargo ships have a larger cargo carrying capacity.