Container prices have continued to rise
 Apr 29, 2021|View:671

Container prices continue to rise, and the phenomenon of lack of lacks is still continuing.

Container rental platform Container Xchange said, "There is almost no indication" indicates that the shortage problem is resolved, and since the new old container prices have risen since last year.

Previously, the search network has also reported that in China, the average price of the second-hand 20 'ruler container has soared 94% from November 5 months, and the average price of the second-hand 20' ruler has soared at $ 2521.

Container Xchange said Dalian is currently the most expensive port of China's purchase of second-hand containers, 20-sized price of $ 2028, and Shanghai's price has dropped from $ 2166 in January to $ 1686. In addition, the price of Qingdao and Tianjin is $ 1850 and $ 1800, respectively.

David Fan, headquartered in Shanghai TWings Supply Chain Sales Manager, said China's freight forwarders are more busy than ever, try to find boxes and cabins.

At the same time, in India, the data of Container Xchange shows that shortage continues to exacerbate the price of major ports.

The company said: "From June to last month, the second-hand 20 feet container of Newport, Mondra and Mumbai rose from $ 1,106 to $ 1,755, an increase of 58%."

The company added that Chennai is the most expensive port, and each used container price is $ 2,220, while Mumbai's NHAVA Sheva is $ 1,667, Mondra is $ 1,455.

Indian Container Transportation Association said that India has grown sharply in the last month, and exports increased by about 17-18% in the same month in 2019, and the carrier has repositioned approximately 100,000 empty containers to India.

However, some local freight forwarders are far apart from ideals. A company in Mumbai said that the current situation is "frustrating", delays, the goods are smashed and high.

"The shortage of containers is 100,000," he claimed. "Even if you can order a container, the shipping company is also over-selling cabin. Recently, a customer's goods are smashed, and orders are canceled because they can't afford air freight. They have to remove the goods to unpack, High cost refund containers.

"Due to the overhang cabin, there is no responsibility when shipping the shipping company." The freight agent added.