Quanzhou Port Shishi Shipping Center started construction
 Apr 10, 2021|View:723

On March 18th, another comprehensive service supporting in Quanzhou Hong Kong Harbor District Logistics Park - Construction of Quanzhou Port Shishi Shipping Center Project.

The project is located in the southeast of the intersection of port avenues and coastal channels. The first phase of the building area of approximately 47,200 square meters. The Shishi Shipping Center will set the administrative service hall of customs, border inspection, maritime, port and other departments, will also provide office operations for port economic industry chain enterprises such as shipping, logistics and financial institutions, and focus on building joint inspection, customs clearance services. Comprehensive service building such as logistics enterprise operation, building business supporting and other functions.

After the project is completed, it will provide "one-stop" convenient service to the port area logistics enterprises, improve customs clearance efficiency, and promote the intensive development of Quanzhou port logistics enterprises. By adopting measures such as trading services, reduce logistics enterprise cost, optimize business environment, and improve port comprehensive economic benefits, and do a big Quanzhou port logistics economy.

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