China Spring Airlines' Domestic Flights Jump 70% In New Season Compared To Same Period In 2019
 Apr 02, 2021|View:367

Coming up to the summer and autumn season, Spring Airlines will add 19 new routes from 28 March this year, adding seven new destinations such as Xining, Luzhou, Gagdachi, Wulong, Xinzhou, Yining and Fuyang, and will encrypt 23 domestic routes from Shanghai, Jieyang (Chaoshan) and Shenyang.

Last year, due to the impact of the international epidemic, international routes have not yet fully resumed for the time being. Spring Airlines quickly adjusted its network layout to focus on domestic routes. After the season change, Spring Airlines' weekly domestic flight capacity is expected to reach 3,248, up nearly 70% compared to 2019.

After the season change, 370 new flights are expected to be added each week, concentrated in base cities such as Shanghai, Jieyang (Chaoshan), Shenyang, Yangzhou (Taizhou) and Nanchang. Nanchang has 76 new flights this season, second only to Shanghai, and has recently launched the "Love in Nanchang" package priced from RMB 999.

A number of exclusive routes will make it easier for passengers to travel. Shanghai=Harbin=Gagdache, Jieyang (Chaoshan)=Qionghai, Jieyang (Chaoshan)=Harbin=Gagdache and Nanchang=Guilin are the solo routes opened by Spring Airlines this time, filling the gaps in the original route network. According to statistics, the total number of Spring Airlines routes will reach more than 290 after the change of season, with more than 90 cities open to traffic.

This year, the effect of the Qingming and May Day holidays was obvious, and passengers traveled hot. On Labour Day this year, Spring Airlines executed nearly 2,700 flights, an increase of 53.7% compared to 2019. The number of flights on Ching Ming Festival increased by 25.7% compared with 2019.

Travel on Qingming Festival and May Day also showed their respective characteristics, with long-haul travel predominating on May Day, with Xishuangbanna, Urumqi, Kunming, Harbin and Yinchuan becoming travel hotspots. Qingming is mostly short-haul, with more bookings in Nanyang, Shenyang, Zunyi, Zhongwei and Sanya.