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We have a good relationship with shipping companies such as OOCL, EMC, ALP, and One. We can also provide you with very competitive sea freight rates to any city of the UAE. We can also provide better air freight rates if you choose to ship by air. You can even get enough space during peak season from LEAGUE. Ask for a quick quote and let us take care of your next shipment to the UAE.
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There are the following considerations for exporting goods to the UAE.
1. Goods with a declared value exceeding US$ 270 or a single ticket weighing more than 50 kg will be inspected by the customs and taxes will be incurred.
2、Briefs on customs clearance documents
First. The recipient is an individual
Shipments with a declared value of more than $270 or a single ticket weighing more than 50kg must be cleared by the recipient with a copy of the passport and a copy of the visa page.
Points to note.
Customers must ensure that the name of the recipient of the waybill and invoice provided is exactly the same as the name in the recipient's passport prior to shipment. Otherwise, the recipient information of waybill and invoice must be changed, which will prolong the customs clearance time; in short, the customs clearance document should be consistent.
Second, if the recipient is the company
Goods with a declared value of more than US$ 270 or a single ticket weighing more than 50 kg must be cleared by the receiving company with a copy of a valid import tariff number and trade license.
3. What are the customs clearance documents required for export to Dubai?
Dubai generally does not need to do the Trade Promotion Council certification, but generally need to do the certificate of origin CO, specific should be subject to customer requirements, so whether it is best to confirm with your customers, customers can indicate the customs code on the invoice, which will be more conducive to smooth customs clearance.
The following are the names of contraband goods shipped by air from the UAE.
Drones (remotely piloted aircraft)
pinhole camera
Ultrasound, radar.
laser pointer
sex toy
data processor
Infrared instruments
laser scanner
fishing gear
Mini Camera
induction vehicle
shake a stick (e.g. of a gun)
Car recorder with rearview camera.
Two final points requiring special attention.
The Middle East is closed on Fridays and there will be no customs clearance deliveries.

    Shipping from China to U.A.E: Here’s Your Ultimate Guide Shipping to U.A.E

    If you want to ship from China to U.A.E. then definitely, you’re in the right place.


    Because today I want to take you through the vital factors to consider when shipping from China to U.A.E.

    I will also explain to you how LEAGUE can help in all your shipping needs.

    By the end of this guide, you should be able to choose appropriate goods and shipping process.

    More importantly, you will obviously reduce shipping costs from China.

    So, let’s move straight to the subject of this shipping from China to U.A.E. guide:

    • 未标题-2.png LEAGUE: Your Best Freight Forwarder China to UAE

    • 未标题-2.png Prohibited Goods from Shipping to U.A.E from China

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to U.A.E Cities

    • 未标题-2.png How much does it Cost to Ship from China to U.A.E

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping Transmit Time from China port to UAE port

    Chapter 1: LEAGUE: Your Best Freight Forwarder China to UAE

    As a trusted partner in logistics, we help you ease your shipping experience.

    LEAGUE team is very familiar with the customs law to ensure your goods cleared quickly by the custom.

    Our incentives include free warehousing for your shipping goods in China for a maximum of 30 days and a guarantee that you can use our container for a maximum period of 30 days as compared to the standard 7 days.

    For over 10 years now, LEAGUE has become one of the leading and most trusted freight forwarding partner in China.

    From our competitive shipping rates, fast freight forwarding and a one-stop-shop for your shipping needs; LEAGUE fulfills all your business needs when shipping from China to U.A.E.


    Photo credits: NYK Line    

    Through a well-integrated system of sea, air, rail and road, we are able to provide secure and timely delivery in order for you to get satisfied.

    When your goods land in the port of choice, we provide proper security while they wait clearance from the port authorizes.

    In addition to these, we provide special services for fragile items and automobiles and refrigerated goods such as medicine and vehicles to ensure that they reach you in the right shape and condition.

    Ours is a guarantee that no matter how big or small your project is, we can safely handle them without you worrying.

    We offer the best quality packaging standards for your cargo that meet the internationally set standards for packaging.

    Goods in warehouse ready for shipping.png    

    Goods in the warehouse ready for shipping    


    Our packaging items include:

    • 未标题-2.png 5 layers inner cartons

    • 未标题-2.png 5 layers outer cartons

    • 未标题-2.png Plastic wrappers for the outer carton

    • 未标题-2.png Pallets (IPPC ISPM 15 standard)

    As you can see, we provide a perfect solution when it comes to shipping from China to U.A.E. Still, that alone I not enough, I know you could be asking yourself yet another fundamental question:

    Why should you consider LEAGUE for any shipping from China to U.A.E.?

    • 未标题-2.png You are always guaranteed of vessel space for your cargo and a warehouse for safe storage of your goods.

    • 未标题-2.png We have a specialty in the consolidation of freight across our inland offices located in across China.

    • 未标题-2.png We offer the best shipping rate in the market.

    • 未标题-2.png You have exclusive access to all your shipment documents.

    • 未标题-2.png Real-time tracking of your cargo online.

    What’s more?

    Our cargo shipping freight services from China to any destination in U.A.E. include:

    • 未标题-2.png Railways services

    • 未标题-2.png Sea freight

    • 未标题-2.png Air freight

    • 未标题-2.png Custom brokerage

    • 未标题-2.png Agent sourcing

    • 未标题-2.png Warehousing services

    • 未标题-2.png Less than cargo loading (LCL)

    • 未标题-2.png Full cargo loading (FCL)

    • 未标题-2.png Project logistics

    With us, you can ship from any port in China to UAE ports of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah using our very competitive rates with carriers.

    But, what means are available when you want to ship goods to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah from China?

    Air Freight or Ocean Freight

    I know many people will not tell you this – but this is the truth.

    Many importers would like to get a clue of which type of freight to choose between air and ocean freight.

    The key to this depends on several factors such as:

    Shipping Cost

    To many businesses, cost plays a key factor in decision making.

    It is therefore important to maintain the shipping expenditure as low as possible.

    When choosing which mode to use, put into consideration the cost it involves.

    Our experts will examine the situation at hand and propose a cost-effective shipping solution.

    You don’t have to worry about this.

    Type of Cargo

    Air freight is normally suitable for lighter cargo due to the limitation of the load that can be carried.

    Ocean freight is most suitable for the heavier load.

    Whichever the situation at hand, LEAGUE will settle for the most convenient option.

    Speed and Timely Delivery of Cargo to U.A.E. from China

    If you want your cargo delivered quickly, then air freight should be the mode of choice.

    Of course, this is will depend on the type of product you’re shipping.

    At times, we may opt for the sea because of the size of the products.

    One thing that we assure you:

    With LEAGUE, you will get the product within the shortest time possible.

    Where Exactly Do Expect to Ship Products in U.A.E?

    The destination of you cargo influences which mode of transport you want your cargo to be carried on.

    Unlike ocean freight which is limited to the availability of ocean or a water body, air freight can access the interior areas of a region.

    It is suitable when you want to access areas where there is lack of water bodies.

    At times, we may use a combination of air and ocean freight is normally required when transporting goods.



    Photo credits: WIKIMEDIA    

    For example, if you are importing goods from China to inland UAE, you will most likely use ocean freight to the port then air freight to your final point of destination.

    At LEAGUE, we will organize all these.

    So, what’s the bottom line?

    LEAGUE will help you handle any shipping from China to U.A.E. in the most convenient and A cost competitive way.

    Now, that you know what we offer, what else should you know?

    Chapter 2: Prohibited Goods from Shipping to U.A.E from China

    In order to comply with the laws and regulation of the UAE and by extension maritime laws, the following items cannot be shipped via LEAGUE logistics

    • 未标题-2.png Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries

    • 未标题-2.png Goods from Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos

    • 未标题-2.png Crude ivory and rhinoceros horn

    • 未标题-2.png Gambling tools and machinery

    • 未标题-2.png Three layers fishing nets

    • 未标题-2.png Original engravings, prints, lithographs, sculpture and statues in any material

    • 未标题-2.png Used, reconditioned and inlaid tires

    • 未标题-2.png Radiation-polluted substances

    • 未标题-2.png Printed publications, oil paintings, photographs, pictures, cards, books, magazines, stone sculptures and mannequins, which contradict Islamic teachings or decencies

    • 未标题-2.png Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under U.A.E. customs laws or any other laws in the country

    • 未标题-2.png Forged and duplicate currency

    • 未标题-2.png Cooked and home-made foods

       Prohibited Goods from Shipping to U.A.E from China.png

    Photo credits: Royal Brunei Airline    

    Here is the truth:

    Once you avoid these products, your products will leave China and reach the preferred destination in U.A.E. faster.

    Besides, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary penalties or fines.

    By the way, for more information about these kinds of products, you can follow these links:

    • 未标题-2.png Prohibited & Restricted Goods by Government of Dubai

    • 未标题-2.pngUnited Arab Emirates  – Prohibited & Restricted Imports

    So, let’s make everything easier by avoiding these products.

    Chapter 3: Shipping from China to U.A.E Cities

    When you choose LEAGUE, be sure we can ship from China to any of the 7 emirates that form the U.A.E. As a matter of fact, we have all systems in place to help us ship to any city in the U.A.E.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are:

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Dubai U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Sharjah U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Ras al Khaimah U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Umm al Quwain U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Fujairah U.A.E.

    • 未标题-2.png Shipping from China to Ajman U.A.E.

    There is a perfect shipping solution for you.


    Furthermore, we offer tailored shipping services to meet specific needs of our clients in all cities.

    Take for example, upon request, we offer door to door shipping from China to U.A.E.

    Let me give you a practical example:

    Door to door Cargo from China to Dubai

    Our door to door cargo from China to Dubai is the trusted service when you need your goods to arrive directly at your doorstep.

    Tailored to meet each customer’s need, door to door cargo delivery is known for:

    • 未标题-2.png Affordability that other companies that ship from China to Dubai

    • 未标题-2.png Real-time tracking of your goods as they move from China to your point of pick up.

    Door to door Cargo from China to Dubai.png    

    Photo Credits: Fly Emirates    

    Normally, once the cargo docks in Dubai, our team of experts will handle all the paperwork for you.

    They will then arrange for road or rail transport for your cargo to arrive at your point of destination thus offering you complete door to door services.

    With LEAGUE door to door cargo from China to Dubai services, yours is just to make a call and wait as your cargo is brought directly to you.

    Can you always choose door to door cargo from China to Dubai?

    Here is all you should know:

    • 未标题-2.png Saves you the time of going to the port and checking on your cargo

    • 未标题-2.png Saves you money that would have been incurred in transporting the cargo from the manufacturer to the port in China and from the port in Dubai to your final point of destination.

    • 未标题-2.png With our latest equipment and technology, you are assured of your goods arriving in the right shape and condition.

    • 未标题-2.png The burden of paperwork at the port is passed over to us, therefore, relieving you of workload.

    Door to door cargo delivery helps in clearing the landed cost for you. These costs include:

    • 未标题-2.png Transportation cost

    • 未标题-2.png Export and import customs declaration

    • 未标题-2.png Landing port fees

    • 未标题-2.png Ocean freight charges

    • 未标题-2.png Insurance

    • 未标题-2.png Destination port fees

    • 未标题-2.png Custom duty

    • 未标题-2.png Transport from point of destination

    In short, this is a perfect solution in case you want a peace when importing products from China to U.A.E.

    Chapter 4: How much does it Cost to Ship from China to U.A.E

    We’ve been in this industry for years and this is what we know:

    Many variables come into play when we are talking about freight rates. Among them includes:

    • 未标题-2.png Demand

    • 未标题-2.png Oil bunkers

    • 未标题-2.png Market perception at the time

    • 未标题-2.png Labor issues at the ports

    • 未标题-2.png Congestions at the ports

    • 未标题-2.png Disruption of activities at the port either through natural ways like the weather

    • 未标题-2.png Change in government policies and regulations, etc.

    Also, you should remember that:

    China’s exports are normally at the peak before January and from July to September.

    During these times, many Chinese made products are being shipped for back to school, Halloween and Christmas.

    Shipping from China to U.A.E.png    

    Shipping from China to U.A.E.    


    The freight charges, therefore, are normally high due to too much shipment waiting for delivery.

    Importers are normally offered shipping services either in terms of FCL or LCL.

    As for FCL, the importer agrees to fill a container with his own goods that are to be shipped.

    There are normally three types of FCL containers.

    • 未标题-2.png FCL 20” (volume 33.2cbm). This type of container is normally designed to carry more weight than volume cargo. Examples of such cargo include minerals and metals which are relatively heavy.

    • 未标题-2.png FCL 40” (volume 67.7cbm). This type is designed to carry voluminous cargo rather than heavy cargo. Such cargo includes furniture and toys.

    • 未标题-2.png FCL 40” HQ (Volume 76.3cbm).

    The volumes of the containers normally differ depending on the shipping company but the margin of error is normally small (+/- 0.1cbm).

    As for LCL, the importer’s goods are normally combined with good of other importers to fill a container from the same Port of Loading to the same Port of Destination.

    The charges for FCL are normally pegged on Loading port, the destination port and the container type, weight and quantity.

    Charges for LCL depend on the loading port, destination port, the volume, weight and the volume/weight ratio.

    Marine insurance is usually charged at between US $ 50- US $ 100 depending on the value of the shipment invoice.

    It is a requirement so that it covers your goods against damages during shipment.

    The big question many importers would like to understand is how to choose between transporting your cargo in FCL or LCL.

    Full container load shipping.png    

    Full container load shipping    

    The answer to this lies in understanding the weight of your cargo. As a general rule:

    • 未标题-2.png Choose LCL if your cargo is between 1cbm-8cbm

    • 未标题-2.png Choose either FCL or LCL if your cargo is between 8cbm-15cbm

    • 未标题-2.png Choose FCL if your cargo is over 15cbm

    Generally, ocean rate includes the base rate and surcharged subjected to:

    • 未标题-2.png Destination country custom related to.

    • 未标题-2.png Destination port fee

    • 未标题-2.png Destination agent service fee.

    Apart from these, another aspect that you need to consider here is:

    Duty & Taxes when Shipping from China to U.A.E

    While importing from China, you are exempted from paying export tax, however, you will pay the transportation cost for the cargo to reach the Port of Loading.

    As from January 2018, all goods imported to the UAE are required to be subjected to a VAT of 5% based on the total shipment value.

    Items excluded in this taxation include alcohol tobacco and other items which are subjected to the additional duty.

    Here are some useful links you can learn more about this subject:

    • 未标题-2.pngUnited Arabs Emirates Import Tariffs

    • 未标题-2.pngImportant Things to Remember when Importing to U.A.E.

    In case you have any questions about the cost of shipping from China to U.A.E., just feel free to contact us, we are here for you.

    Remember, shipping charges make a substantial package of the total product landed cost.

    As a business person, you should always maintain these charges as low as possible.

    And, that’s why LEAGUE is here to help you reduce shipping cost from China to U.A.E.

    Chapter 5: Shipping Transmit Time from China port to UAE port

    I know another aspect that you’re curious to know is the approximate time when to expect the cargo in U.A.E.

    As I have hinted in this guide, there are many factors that may affect the delivery time.

    However, assuming everything remains constant; this is what you should expect.

    ETD                 ETA                 Transmit time(days)                
    Shanghai Dubai 13
    Shanghai Abu Dhabi 11
    Shanghai Sharjah 11
    Shenzhen Dubai 10
    Shenzhen Abu Dhabi 10
    Shenzhen Sharjah 10
    Qingdao Dubai 12
    Qingdao Abu Dhabi 12
    Qingdao Sharjah 12

    As an importer, you should always keep in mind that it can take 2-3 days at the port of loading.

    Furthermore, it may also take 2-3 days at the port of destination as your cargo is being unloaded.

    Of course, this will depend on the efficiency, technology, and other logistics in the two ports.

    For LEAGUE, we ensure the process is fast and efficient. This reduces the possibilities of delays.

    As an advice, it is better to place your order at least 3 months for business people before the cargo you are importing is actually needed at the warehouse.

    As you can see, importing products from China to any city in the U.A.E. is quite easy.

    But more importantly, it is even more convenient when you choose a reliable shipping company.

    Now, it’s your turn.

    Do you plan to ship from China to U.A.E.?

    Or, what has been your experience dealing with Chinese shipping and logistics companies?

    Talk to us by sign in the right contact form.

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