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  • Since the implementation of AMS declaration, the imported goods information of the implementing country is accurate, clean, complete and easy to track and query, which not only improves the homeland security, but also greatly reduces the risk of imported goods and improves the efficiency of customs clearance. In order to effectively avoid risks and protect the national land security and people's interests, the declaration system of pre shipment manifest has been implemented.

  • The undeclared AMS will result in the failure of normal cargo boarding. Goods that exceed the declaration deadline and then make up the declaration will be subject to customs fine issued by South African Customs.

  • A complete AMS shall include the following:

    Carrier Master BL No

    Carrier Name

    Vessel / Voyage

    Container Details/Seal Numbers

    Cargo Descriptions/ HS CODE

    Size/ Type/No. & PKG Type/Weight/CBM/ Marks & Numbers

    Shipper/Consignee/Notify Party

    Port of Loading/Port of Discharge/Final Destination

  • Because AMS is also called 24-hour manifest forecast, as the name implies, it is necessary to send the manifest 24 hours in advance, that is, all goods exported to South Africa and transferred through South Africa must be sent to South African Customs 24 hours before shipment.

    In practice, shipping companies usually cut off the orders ahead of time (generally 36-48 hours in advance) to ask exporters to submit AMS information, and for exporters, they will not be able to provide the correct information before the specified time limit, so there is a situation that the shipping companies are required to change AMS information after the cut-off.