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  • Generally speaking, LSS cost is not a local charge of the port of departure, but an integral part of the sea freight. Therefore, it is reasonable for some freight forwarders to include LSS in the sea freight and quote an all in price.

    If the goods are FOB designated, the FOB terms do not include freight, and the LSS as a part of freight should be borne by the consignee.

    In case of C & f or CIF terms, LSS fee shall be borne by shipper. However, for shipping companies, they basically default to ship at the port of departure to prepay the cost.

  • Different Forwarders may quote for LSS in different ways.

    Some freight forwarders have all in price, i.e. LSS expense has been included in the ocean freight and is no longer listed as a separate expense. Some Forwarders list LSS expenses separately.

    When making an inquiry, the consignor should ask whether LSS expenses are included

  • LSS fees charged by various shipping companies are different, and the charging standards of basic port and transfer port are also different. For the basic port, usually 15-25usd / TEU

  • In order to support energy conservation and emission reduction, shipping industry has issued ship emission standards. From January 1, 2015, fuel oil with sulfur content no more than 0.10% m / m shall be used. In addition, if the ship uses the exhaust gas cleaning system with the same effect as the low sulfur fuel oil, the requirements for the use of low sulfur fuel oil can be exempted. This emission limitation standard from January 1, 2015 is also applicable to the other three emission control areas (ECA) designated by IMO.

    According to this emission limit, in order to reduce the sulfur content of fuel emissions, ships must use fuel with higher price and standard when entering these control areas, or install exhaust gas cleaning system, which will lead to higher costs. So the LSS of low sulfur fuel surcharges appeared.

  • The full English name of LSS is low sulfur fuel surcharge or low sulfur surcharge, which means "low sulfur surcharge", which is one of the numerous shipping surcharges.